10 Nov, 2015

Miko’s Sushi 2015 Annual Golf Tournament

This year, through Create a Change Now, we’re donating funds for an outdoor edible desert garden and Healthy School, Healthy Life programs to JM Ullom Elementary School a school with some of the lowest test scores in the district, and in need of the most help. Tournament proceeds will go beyond the garden into the Healthy School, Healthy Life programs for the next three years.

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Create a Change Now is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that is committed to educating and empowering children and their families by providing the resources needed to fight childhood obesity and related diseases to live happier, healthier, more productive lives.

We accomplish our mission by adopting an at-risk elementary school then starting from the ground up by installing an Edible Desert Garden and using it as hub around which we plant seeds of change throughout each school and within each child with our Healthy School, Healthy Life program including:

Edible Desert Gardens – Planting edible gardens provides hands-on learning and nutrition education from the ground up for the students.

Garden Club – Establishing a Garden Club in the school creates support from the parents, students, and administration and community members to educate the students and their families on nutrition and garden education.

Chefs in Schools – Our chef demonstrations get kids hands-on with their harvest, provide nutrition education and teach healthy lifestyles the students can bring home to their families.

Fitness Programs – Exposing children to positive psychology provides opportunities for youth through fitness related activities, nutritional information and various other components of living a healthy, active lifestyle through daily physical activity.

The program is designed to go well beyond the classroom to grow leadership and cooperation skills; practice in delayed gratification; opportunities to increase self-esteem and build on visible success.

3 Nov, 2014

Miko’s Sushi 2014 Golf Tournament

This year, through Green Our Planet, we’re donating funds for an Outdoor Garden Classroom Program to Laura Dearing Elementary School a school with some of the lowest test scores in the school district and in need of the most help. Tournament proceeds will go beyond the vegetable garden and add fruit trees and an outdoor classroom amphitheater. Learn more about the Laura Dearing project here.

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Miko's Sushi Las Vegas Golf Tournament Fundraiser

Miko's Sushi Las Vegas Golf Tournament

Miko's Sushi Las Vegas Golf Tournament Green Charity Event


3 Nov, 2013

Miko’s Sushi Las Vegas Golf Tournament 2013

Miko’s hosted a first ever golf tournament with proceeds going toward Safe Nest. Visit our tournament photos here.


Las Vegas Sushi Vegetarian Restaurant

3 Nov, 2013

New Vegetarian Menu

Miko’s Las Vegas has a new vegetarian menu featuring vegetarian Kon Kon Maki: asparagus, green onions and carrots wrapped in fried tofu puch and deep fried. Also vegetarian spring rolls: mixed vegetables, organic tofu cutlet, shiitake mushrooms wrapped in vegan wrapper. We do our best to avoid GMO products and providing as many organic products as possible and source our products from vendors who care about quality and fresh ingredients. Try our vegetarian cold buckwheat noodles served with vegetable tempura.

22 Dec, 2012

New Years Eve Las Vegas Sushi with Miko’s Izakaya

Enjoy your holiday sushi in Las Vegas as Miko’s Sushi and Izakaya, right off the Las Vegas strip and near the McCarren Airport. We will be open New Years Eve and giving out complimentary sake in celebration of the upcoming 2013. We have also revamped our menu, with new vegetarian hot dishes as well as vegetarian sushi plates. Our traditional sashimi is always fresh, everyday. Our Udon and Ramen noodles pair nicely with our traditional sashimi as an appetizer. Our warm and friendly atmosphere will warm your heart, and our fresh food will satisfy your stomach. Our classically trained sushi chef and hot food chef have an eye for quality. We inspect our food before we prepare, and even have a very unique way of preparing our rice. Speaking of rice, our Haiga rice is top quality rice that makes for a healthy upgrade to classical white rice.

Greg and Miko opened Miko’s Sushi and Izakaya with a vision to bring traditional *Japanese noodles* to Las Vegas accompanied by Japanesse tempura, Japanese sushi, and both classical vegetarian and meat-based dishes. We serve classical salmon, chicken, and beef teriyaki. One of our well-known specialities is soft shelled crab as an appetizer to Japanese soba noodles with your choice of vegetarian, beef, chicken, seafood, and tempura. Come celebrate New Years Eve Las Vegas Sushi with us and enjoy our relaxing atmosphere before the clock ticks into 2013.

Thanks to all of our visitors, we are here to enjoy another year serving traditional Japanese noodle dishes, tempura dishes, sushi, and sashimi to Las Vegas locals and people who visit Las Vegas from around the world. We will continue to invest great attention to quality into the food we serve you with equal attention to the atmosphere of our store. We maintain a family space, and have become one of Las Vegas’ finest traditional Japanese sushi restaurants with a reasonably-priced variety-menu.